Exercise and Fitness

Simple fitness exercises can help to have a fitter and healthy life. Stretching exercises can help in many ways in mainting a fitter body.?Weight loss can be achieved by following simple effortless regular exercises. Medical breakthroughs can happen by regular meditation and exercising. Yoga and other workouts which can be performed easily are available in [...]

Diet Myths That Are Just Wrong

Reader?s Digest Magazine recently published an article debunking five common diet and exercise myths.? In ?5 Fitness Myths You Need to Forget,? common misconceptions that may be hindering your fitness routine are exposed. The first myth is that running is more effective than walking.? It is more important to go the distance instead of worry [...]

Health Care Reform Protects Students

Today is the day for college students hoping to stay on their parents? health insurance plans past age 22 or 23.? According to Health Insurance Sort?s article??What Health Care Reform Means for Students,? as of September 23, 2010 college students will be allowed to remain on their parents? health insurance through age 26.? Many college [...]

Skin Treatments for Sun Damage

Many of us have spent too much time in the sun without taking good care of our skin.? This results in unwanted wrinkles, age spots, and excessive lines that may be premature for our age.? There are treatments available (both surgical and non-surgical) to take care of some of the sun damage we have caused [...]