Avandia?s Future As A Diabetic Drug

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According to?The Washington Post?s article ?FDA panel?s vote on Avandia reveals mixed opinions on diabetes drug?s safety,? Rob Stein says that while the majority of the FDA panel wants to keep Avandia available there is much significance in the number who want it pulled from the market.? Once the most popular diabetes drug in the world, Avandia has been a topic of debate for a long time because of concerns over it increasing the risk of heart attack and stroke.

The FDA?s scientists are divided over the safety of Avandia.? The final decision will be left up to Margaret A. Hamburg, the FDA Commissioner.? If the drug is kept available to diabetics, it will most likely be with added warnings and tougher restrictions.? The 33 member panel voted in a number of different ways.? 12 members wanted Avandia removed from the market while 10 voted for it to remain on the market with changes to the label and possibly sales restrictions.? 7 members voted for added warnings on the label and 3 voted to leave the product as is.? The final member did not vote.

Although the panel concluded that there is an increased risk of heart attack and stroke with Avandia, they did not see evidence that there is an increased risk of death.? Panel members were frustrated at the lack of clear evidence available for a drug that has been used since it was approved in 1999.? Hundreds of thousands of Type 2 diabetics still use Avandia, despite evidence that it could be dangerous.? But since the FDA has not pulled the drug, many diabetics have put their faith in the government organization.

GlaxoSmithKline, the drug?s manufacturer, denies that they have hidden any dangers from the public or regulators and defends the safety of Avandia.? They say that they will continue to research the safety of Avandia and will work with the FDA.? They recommend patients with concerns should speak with their doctor like with any medication that they are taking.

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