Blue Solutions for Small Businesses

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Small businesses have 25 new choices for health insurance plans from Independence Blue Cross.? While they are not only available for small businesses, the Blue Solutions plans are designed for them to make health insurance choices easier.? This information comes from the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association?s ?Independence Blue Cross Unveils New Health Plan Options for Small Businesses.?? Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) are more popular than ever, so these new plans offered beginning October 1 are very timely.

The plans are available with copays, deductibles, HSAs, and they all have prescription drug coverage included.? The small businesses they are tailored to usually have between 2 and 50 employees.? All of the Blue Solutions plans comply with new health care reform legislation taking effect now and into the future.? They also encourage customers to live a healthy lifestyle and take charge of their own health and health insurance planning.

HMO, PPO, Direct-Point-of-Service and High-Deductible plans are all available so that every business?s needs are met.? There is a wide network of doctors and hospitals, prescription coverage, eye insurance, doctor?s office visits, hospitalization, testing like x-rays, and care for emergencies.? Preventative care services are covered at 100%, with no copays or deductibles to be paid.? Plans don?t have annual or lifetime maximums either.? Employers will have to determine how much they and their employees are willing to pay for coverage to decide which plan will be right for their business.

While the Blue Solutions plans have a large array of options to offer, they also have numerous incentives for wellness including weight loss programs, fitness memberships, and help to stop smoking.? The HSA plans are becoming the best way for employers to offer great quality health care at affordable prices.? They also encourage participants to live healthy lifestyles because they are paying for their health care costs before meeting their deductibles.? HSAs have a lot of tax advantages as well, so these new plans from IBC offer even more benefits to the general public and the businesses who offer them.

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