Diet Myths That Are Just Wrong

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Reader?s Digest Magazine recently published an article debunking five common diet and exercise myths.? In ?5 Fitness Myths You Need to Forget,? common misconceptions that may be hindering your fitness routine are exposed.

The first myth is that running is more effective than walking.? It is more important to go the distance instead of worry about your speed.? Although it will take you longer to burn the same amount of calories walking than it will for running, as long as you complete the same distance you will burn about the same amount of calories.

The second myth is that you will be hungrier if you exercise.? This article says that research shows exercise will not increase your hunger unless you are an athlete working out two or more hours a day to build endurance.? Your appetite is actually suppressed both during and after workouts in most instances.

Contrary to the belief that all calories are created equal, they are not.? Eating proteins burns more calories because they tend to use more in chewing, digesting, and getting stored than carbohydrates.? High fiber foods don?t raise your blood sugar as much as refined carbohydrates so they don?t store as fat as easily.? Filling up on foods with a high water content also helps you to take in fewer calories.

Many people believe that they can lose weight and sustain the loss through diet alone.? While they will lose weight at the beginning, building muscle which uses more calories to store than fat, is more important in the long run.? Experts believe that it is better to exercise more than to eat less for weight loss and overall health.

The fifth myth is that there is not any time of day better than another to work out.? Late afternoon workouts are best for athletes looking to get the best quality workout or the most bang for their buck.? This is because your body temperature is at its highest and you are at your peak strength.? It?s better to work out at any time than skip it if the late afternoon doesn?t work with your schedule of course.

So were you falling into the fitness myth traps?? If so, maybe you can be less focused on those myths and get a more effective workout and eating regimen.

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