Health Care Reform Protects Students

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Today is the day for college students hoping to stay on their parents? health insurance plans past age 22 or 23.? According to Health Insurance Sort?s article??What Health Care Reform Means for Students,? as of September 23, 2010 college students will be allowed to remain on their parents? health insurance through age 26.? Many college students, especially those obtaining advanced degrees, have foregone health insurance once they were kicked off of their parents? policies.

But as part of President Obama?s Health Care Reform Act of 2010, they no longer have to worry about getting sick or going to the doctor.? The article goes over different options like staying on parents? employer-sponsored plans, going with a school-sponsored plan, opting for a government sponsored plan, or looking to individual health insurance policies.? All of your questions are answered in clear terms that are much easier to understand than the jargon in the bill itself.

With student interviews from Arizona State University, Bowdoin College, and Northern Arizona University you really get a firsthand account of how much this bill is going to positively affect students all across America.? Some insurance companies chose to implement the new law soon after passage six months ago, so we have already seen great results for some families.? The Government Accountability Office is hoping to dramatically lower the number of uninsured Americans with this reform.? Twenty percent of college students are traditionally uninsured.

There are multiple charts in the Health Insurance Sort article explaining in detail both current statistics and changes that this reform should bring about.? Experts from the American College Health Association, the United States Student Association, and the American Council of Education all give an expert analysis and summary of this health care reform affecting college students.? It?s a good read for anyone involved with the college student population or health care industry.

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